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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (foundational)
a. fundamental
The founding fathers believed that freedom of speech was a fundamental right.Los padres fundadores creían que la libertad de expresión era un derecho fundamental.
b. básico
Philosophers often ask fundamental questions about the meaning of life.Los filósofos suelen hacer preguntas básicas sobre el significado de la vida.
2. (essential)
a. esencial
Reading is a fundamental part of education.Leer es una parte esencial de la educación.
b. fundamental
Programming is a fundamental skill for many modern jobs.La programación es una habilidad fundamental para muchos trabajos modernos.
3. (inherent)
a. intrínseco
Bonnie's friends can trust her because of her fundamental honesty.Los amigos de Bonnie pueden confiar en ella por su honradez intrínseca.
A plural noun indicates that there is more than one person, place, thing, or idea.
plural noun
4. (basic principles)
a. los fundamentos
(m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
You can't be a great soccer player without learning the fundamentals of the sport.No puedes ser un buen futbolista sin aprender los fundamentos del deporte.
b. las reglas básicas
(f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
I want to be a chef someday, so I bought a book about the fundamentals of cooking.Quiero ser chef algún día, así que compré un libro sobre las reglas básicas de la cocina.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (general)
a. fundamental
her fundamental honestysu honradez inherente
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
2. (general)
fundamentalsprincipios básicos, fundamentos mpl
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fundamental [ˌfʌndəˈmentl]
1 (basic) [+question, problem, principle] fundamental
the fundamental problem lies in their inability to distinguish between reality and invention the fundamental problem is that... this raises fundamental questions about the benefits of such a policy language is a fundamental part of the curriculum it is one of the fundamental laws of physics his doctrine is based on three fundamental principles President Saddam has violated fundamental principles of international law
they are being denied their fundamental human rights se les está privando de los derechos humanos fundamentales
the 1973 Roe vs. Wade ruling that women have a fundamental right to choose an abortion I think there is a fundamental right to privacy
2 (profound, great) [+change, difference] fundamental
there's been a fundamental change in world politics today's figures do not suggest a fundamental change in economic prospects Only a fundamental change in social relations will provide women with equality we need to see a fundamental change in attitude on the part of the Iraquis Amnesty says there are fundamental flaws in their military justice system there is a fundamental difference between myself and the board on this matter on this question the two leaders have fundamental differences
it is a fundamental mistake to think that ... es un error fundamental pensar que ...
she made one fundamental mistake it is a matter of fundamental [importance]
3 (essential) fundamental; esencial
he has a fundamental role to play in its implementation
to be fundamental to sth ser fundamental or esencial para algo; it is fundamental to our understanding of the problem es fundamental or esencial para que entendamos el problema
he believes better relations with China are fundamental to the well-being of the area
4 (intrinsic) [+honesty, good sense] intrínseco
his fundamental honesty/good sense
plural noun
the fundamentals los fundamentos; lo básico
when you get down to the fundamentals I teach them the fundamentals - they can then choose to develop their skills
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