fill up
transitive verb phrase
1. (to cause to be full) 
a. llenar 
No one filled up the water cooler at the office this week.Esta semana nadie llenó el dispensador de agua fría en la oficina.
intransitive verb phrase
2. (to become full) 
a. llenarse 
The bucket I put out to collect drinking water is starting to fill up.El balde que puse para recoger agua potable está empezando a llenarse.
3. (to satiate oneself) 
a. llenarse (colloquial) 
Don't just fill up on bread! Save some room for dinner!¡No te llenes solo con pan! ¡Guarda espacio para la cena!
4. (to fuel) 
a. echar gasolina (colloquial) 
The tank's getting low. We'd better pull off the highway and fill up.El tanque se está vaciando. Deberíamos salirnos de la carretera y echar gasolina.
fill up
transitive verb phrase
1. (glass) 
a. llenar (hasta el borde) 
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
f her up!¡lleno, por favor!
intransitive verb
3. (tank, container) 
a. llenarse 
fill up
1 (become full) [+room, hall] llenarse
the restaurant was filling up her eyes were filling up (with tears) the capital was already beginning to fill up with people joining the protest the refugee camps/hotels are filling up fast
2 (Aut) (with petrol) echar gasolina
I stopped to fill up with petrol
(with diesel) echar diesel
3 (eat)
he doesn't eat proper meals, he fills up on snacks no come como es debido, se llena el estómago picando
He would fill up on snacks and drink endless cups of coffee it is all too easy to skip meals, to fill up on fast-food snacks
transitive verb
[+container, suitcase] llenar;with de
fill it or her up! (Aut) ¡llena el tanque!; I can't drink too much before a meal, it fills me up no puedo beber mucho antes de una comida, me llena
Look, be an angel and fill this up with scotch Have about an inch in a glass and fill it up with the soda water Pass me your cup, Amy, and I'll fill it up for you Make it a leisurely meal, complete with plenty of liquids to fill you up too many bulky foods can fill children up without giving them enough energy
to fill o.s. up with sth llenarse (el estómago) de algo
don't fill yourself up with peanuts before dinner
I do it to fill up the time lo hago para pasar el tiempo
I need to do things to fill up my time, otherwise I'd get bored
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