Usage note
This word must be preceded by the definite article in the sense shown in 3).
plural noun
1. (ancestor) 
Our fathers gave up their lives in the Old World to establish a new life here.Nuestros antepasados abandonaron sus vidas en el Viejo Mundo para establecer una nueva vida aquí.
2. (relative) 
a. el padre (M) 
My father was captain of a warship.Mi padre fue capitán de un buque de guerra.
3. (religious) 
a. el padre (M) 
Father, how many Our Fathers should I say?Padre, ¿cuántos padrenuestros debo rezar?
4. (founder) 
a. el padre (M) 
Hippocrates is considered to be the father of western medicine.Hipócrates es considerado el padre de la medicina occidental.
5. (leader) 
a. el padre (M) 
Several of the town fathers went to the next town to attend a meeting.Varios de los padres de la aldea fueron al pueblo vecino para asistir a una junta.
transitive verb
6. (to procreate) 
a. engendrar 
My uncle fathered ten children, eight of which are men.Mi tío engendró diez hijos, ocho de los cuales son varones.
7. (to create) 
a. concebir 
Einstein fathered the theory of relativity.Einstein concibió la teoría de la relatividad.
proper noun
8. (religious) 
a. Padre 
You must pray to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.Debes rezar al Padre, al Hijo y al Espíritu Santo.
1. (parent, priest) 
a. el padre (M) 
father of sixpadre de seis hijos
from father to sonde padre a hijo
he was like a father to mefue como un padre para mí
2. (prov) 
a. no direct translation 
like father, like sonde tal palo, tal astilla
Our FatherPadre Nuestro
Father ChristmasPapá Noel
father figurefigura paterna
transitive verb
3. (child) 
a. engendrar 
4. (fig) 
a. concebir, crear (idea, invention) 
father [ˈfɑːðəʳ]
1 (gen) padre (m)
to talk to sb like a father hablar a algn en tono paternal; to be passed on or handed down from father to son pasar de padre a hijo
The House of Hardie had been handed down from father to son through many generations and it was his responsibility to continue the tradition skills and secrets were passed from father to son until the coming of mass production
my father and mother mis padres
a father and mother of a row una bronca fenomenal (informal) or de padre y muy señor mío (informal)
like father like son de tal palo, tal astilla
Our Father (Rel) Padre Nuestro; to say three Our Fathers rezar tres padrenuestros
Father Brown (Rel) (el) padre Brown
4 (founder) padre (m)
the father of English poetry el padre de la poesía inglesa; the Fathers of the Church los Santos Padres de la Iglesia
transitive verb
[+child] engendrar; inventar; producir;
Father Christmas (n) (Britain) Papá (m) Noel
father confessor (n) (Rel) confesor (m); padre (m) or director (m) espiritual
Father's Day (n) Día (m) del Padre
father figure (n) figura (f) paterna
(Old) Father Time (n) el Tiempo
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