An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (just)
a. justo
It's not fair! You gave him more than me!¡No es justo! ¡Le diste más a él que a mí!
b. imparcial
The accused has the right to a fair trial.El acusado tiene derecho a un juicio imparcial.
c. equitativo (deal)
Two pigs for two sheep seems like a fair exchange to me.Dos cerdos por dos ovejas me parece un intercambio equitativo.
d. limpio (fight or competition)
Fair play is expected of the whole team.Se espera juego limpio del equipo entero.
2. (considerable)
a. bastante
I have a fair amount of time before my next appointment.Tengo bastante tiempo antes de mi próxima cita.
3. (color)
a. rubio (hair)
She has long, fair hair.Tiene el cabello largo y rubio.
b. claro (skin)
Your skin is so fair; you really ought to wear sunscreen.Tienes la piel tan clara; deberías ponerte protector solar.
c. blanco (skin)
My mom is fair and has lot of freckles.Mi madre es blanca y tiene muchas pecas.
d. güero (skin)
Regionalism used in Mexico
I saw the killer. He's tall, fair, and red-headed.He visto al asesino. Es alto, güero y pelirrojo.
4. (weather)
a. favorable
We went out on my father's sloop, and we enjoyed blue skies and fair winds.Salimos en la balandra de mi padre y disfrutamos del cielo azul y los vientos favorables.
b. buen
I hope it doesn't rain for the party. - Don't worry, we're expecting fair weather.Espero que no llueva para la fiesta. - No te preocupes, se prevé que hará buen tiempo.
A word or phrase that is seldom used in contemporary language and is recognized as being from another decade, (e.g., cat, groovy).
a. bello
That fair lady conquered my heart.Aquella bella mujer conquistó mi corazón.
b. hermoso
I will fight to defend the honor of my fair maiden.Lucharé para defender el honor de mi hermosa doncella.
6. (commerce)
a. razonable
They have really good food at fair prices.Tienen muy buena comida a precios razonables.
b. justo
Buying fair trade products ensures the dignity of artisans all over the world.Comprar productos de comercio justo asegura la dignidad de los artesanos de todo el mundo.
c. leal
We only buy fair trade coffee.Solamente compramos café de comercio leal.
7. (acceptable)
a. pasable
He got fair grades in high school, but he wasn't exactly a star student.Sacó notas pasables en el colegio, pero tampoco era un alumno estrella.
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
8. (leisure)
a. la feria
(f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
We're going to the fair this weekend. Are you up for it?Vamos a la feria este fin de semana. ¿Te apuntas?
9. (commerce)
a. la feria
(f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
We need to prepare our materials for the trade fair.Necesitamos preparar nuestro material para la feria comercial.
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
10. (in a just way)
a. limpio
If you can't play fair, you won't be allowed to play at all.Si no eres capaz de jugar limpio, no se te permitirá jugar en absoluto.
A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech (e.g., skinny, grandma).
(quite) (United Kingdom)
a. realmente
I was fair knackered by the time we finally found our way back.Estaba realmente agotado para cuando por fin encontramos el camino de vuelta.
b. de verdad
You'll fair freeze to death if you don't wear a coat.Te vas a quedar congelada de verdad si no te pones una chaqueta.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (just)
a. justo(a)
it's not fairno es justo
that's only fair, fair's fairhay que ser justos
fair enough!de acuerdo or
it is only fair to say that…es justo decir que…
to be fair,…para ser justos,…
by fair means or foulcomo sea
2. (prov)
all's fair in love and waren la guerra y en el amor, no hay reglas
3. (colloquial)
to get a fair crack of the whiptener una oportunidad
to be fair gameser un blanco legítimo
fair playjuego limpio
they all got their fair sharetodos recibieron lo que les correspondía
we've had our fair share of problemshemos tenido bastantes problemas
4. (quite good)
a. bastante bueno(a)
a fair amount of…bastante(s)…
a fair ideauna idea bastante buena
fair to middlingnormal, regular
5. (literary)
a. hermoso(a) (attractive)
6. (old-fashioned)
the fair(er) sexel bello sexo
fair weatherbuen tiempo
7. (light-colored; hair)
a. rubio(a)
b. güero(a)
Regionalism used in Mexico
8. (skin)
a. claro(a)
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
9. (to act)
a. justamente
to play/fight fairjugar/pelear limpio
you can't say fairer than thatno se puede pedir más
to beat somebody fair and squarederrotar a alguien con todas las de la ley
fair [fɛəʳ]
fairer (comparative)fairest (superlative)
1 (just) [+person, treatment, wage, exchange] justo; [+decision, report, hearing] imparcial; [+comment] razonable; válido; [+sample] representativo; [+price] justo; razonable; [+deal] justo; equitativo; [+fight, election] limpio; [+competition] leal
that's fair comment esa es una observación razonable or válida; it's not fair! ¡no es justo!; ¡no hay derecho!
our producers can compete on the world stage against fair competition we believe in free and fair trade, we believe in fair competition, but they have some artificial and cultural barriers which are going to be very difficult to get down the country has promised to hold free and fair elections within the next year it is fair to say we are very happy with the results of the operation it's fair to say I was staggered by the outcome It is fair to say that my job has cost me my marriage it is fair to say she was not herself it's fair to say he isn't best pleased So it's fair to say that you didn't actually see me being born? it's fair to say some people will be deeply upset
it's not fair to expect you to wash up no es justo pretender que friegues; it's fair to say that ... es cierto que ...; lo cierto es que ...
it's not fair to expect you to put them up
be fair, darling, it's not their fault sé justo or razonable, cariño, no es culpa suya
to be fair ... (truth to tell) a decir verdad ...; en honor a la verdad ...; (not to be unjust) para ser justo ...
I was assured the pain would ease. And, to be fair, it did to be fair, the defence was also not allowed to discuss Patti's three abortions and cocaine using to be fair, Stewart could do little to avoid his misfortune
fair enough! ¡vale!; ¡muy bien!
"leave them here and I'll see she gets them" - "fair enough!" you say you're bored; fair enough, I can accept that, but ..."
fair's fair, it's my turn now vale ya or ya basta, ahora me toca a mí
fair game blanco (m) legítimo
politicians were always considered fair game by cartoonists anybody on the street with a gun is considered a bandit, and those people are fair game for the Marines
it's not fair on the old es injusto or no es justo para (con) los ancianos
when they started insisting on exact fares on the buses, he thought it wasn't fair on old people they are both enormously popular shows and it's not fair on viewers to have to choose between them she always felt it wasn't fair on her husband to burden him with her problems
it's only fair that ... lo más justo sería que ...
as is only fair como es justo
fair play (in game) juego (m) limpio
sense of fair play sentido (m) de la justicia
his fair [share] of
she's had more than her fair share of problems in life ha pasado mucho or lo suyo en la vida
they are not paying their fair share no están pagando la cantidad que les corresponde or que les toca
he'll get his fair share of the credit Gran Canaria has its fair share of good beaches and pretty villages the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes
to be fair to sb ser justo con algn
that's not true, you're not being fair to him eso no es verdad, no estás siendo justo con él
fair trade comercio (m) justo
We believe in an open economy, we believe in free and fair trade, we believe in fair competition the Fair Trade Commission, which is responsible for consumer protection,is gaining ground in its fight against monopolistic price-fixing Rip-off' cds under fair trade probe
by fair means or foul por las buenas o por las malas
all's fair in love and war todo vale en el amor y la guerra
2 (reasonable, average) [+work] pasable; regular
she has a fair chance tiene bastantes posibilidades
you've got to give him a fair chance le tienes que dar una oportunidad con todas las de la ley
I have a fair idea of what to expect sé más o menos qué esperar
fair to middling regular
"how are you?" — "fair to middling" —¿qué tal estás? —regular
One official suggested `a very substantial majority of targets" had been destroyed, while Pentagon officials indicated only `fair to middling" results ...a fair-to-middling LP from a singer capable of far, far more The band don't want to be fair-to-middling or OK, they've always wanted to be special
he's been given fair warning no puede decir que no se le ha avisado
I'm telling you Anne. I'm giving you fair warning, if I catch you at it with anyone else, I'll give the lads your head to kick-off with, I'll bung it on the centre spot next game fair [wear and tear]
3 (quite large) [+sum, speed] considerable
she inherited a fair sum from her mother all this could add up to a fair sum he was travelling at a fair speed when the crash occurred
a fair amount of bastante
this happens in a fair number of cases esto sucede en bastantes casos
the bill is supported by a fair number of conservative MPs
we've still got a fair way to go aún nos queda un buen trecho que recorrer
4 (pale, light-coloured) [+hair, person] rubio; güero; (Méx) [+complexion, skin] blanco; güero; (Méx)
5 (fine, good) [+weather] bueno
if it's fair tomorrow si hace buen tiempo mañana
fair copy copia (f) en limpio
to make a fair copy of sth hacer una copia en limpio de algo; pasar algo en limpio
to be [set] fair (for sth)
his legal career seemed set fair su carrera como abogado parecía tener el éxito asegurado
many people imagined their career was set fair for life you've filled up with petrol, checked the oil and water and /everything's set fair for a week away from it all/. There's only one problem # the car won't start
in fair weather or foul (referring to present, future) haga bueno o malo; (referring to past) hiciera bueno o malo
every day we walked to school in fair weather or foul
6 (beautiful) bello; hermoso
this fair city of ours esta bella ciudad nuestra; the fair sex el bello sexo
to play fair jugar limpio
to win fair and square ganar con todas las de la ley
it hit the target fair and square dio justo en el centro del blanco
so he told me fair and square the ball hit me fair and square in the stomach
2 (positively) verdaderamente
we were fair terrified estábamos verdaderamente asustados; it fair took my breath away te/os juro que me dejó sin habla (informal)
he was fair fuming when he found out
fair [fɛəʳ]
1 (market) feria (f)
antiques/craft fair feria (f) de antigüedades/artesanía; book fair feria (f) del libro
2 (Britain) (funfair) parque (m) de atracciones
En todos los estados de EE.UU. se celebra una feria en otoño llamada state fair a la que acude gran cantidad de gente de todo el estado. Estas ferias son generalmente agrícolas y en ellas se celebran concursos de animales y productos del campo, de gastronomía y de artesanía. También se organizan juegos y se instalan stands en los que fabricantes y comerciantes hacen demostraciones de sus productos. La feria más grande de todo el país es la Feria de Texas, que se celebra cada octubre en Dallas.
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