1. (of diminished color) 
a. descolorido (garment or photograph) 
He had slicked-back hair and was wearing faded jeans and a black leather jacket.Llevaba el pelo engominado, unos vaqueros descoloridos y una chaqueta de cuero negra.
b. desvaído (color or photograph) 
He sat by the track, looking at the faded photograph of his daughter and waited for a train to pass.Se sentó junto a la vía férrea, mirando la foto desvaída de su hija, y esperó a que pasara un tren.
c. apagado (color) 
The smell of that faded blue cloth-bound book brought back memories of my childhood.El olor de ese libro encuadernado en tela de color azul apagado me trajo recuerdos de mi niñez.
d. desteñido (garment) 
The paint crew arrived in faded overalls with ladders and tarps.El equipo de pintores llegó con sus overoles desteñidos, portando escaleras y lonas.
2. (lacking vitality) 
a. marchito (flower) 
The petals were beginning to fall from the faded flower in the dry vase.Los pétalos empezaban a caerse de la flor marchita en el florero sin agua.
1. (flower) 
a. marchito(a) 
2. (photograph, garment) 
a. descolorido(a) 
faded [ˈfeɪdɪd]
[+garment] descolorido; desteñido; [+colour] apagado; desvaído; [+photograph] desvaído; [+plant, glory] marchito
she was wearing faded jeans a sky whose faded blue also seemed to have been washed by the rains this solution will brighten faded colour, eliminate stains nothing of value was found in his house - just a few grimy books, a few pieces of clothing, a few faded photographs the writing/ink is faded in several places, making it difficult to read a tattered, faded newspaper clipping of a poem a vase of faded roses I had always thought that all river towns, even the poor ones, had something about them # a kind of /faded elegance/, a raffish air # that made them more interesting than other towns a world that has left its kings behind, many of them murdered, all of them dethroned, their faded glory a bittersweet memory
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I'm faded
estoy rendido
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