está mal
1. (it's not correct) 
Yo jamás le miento a mis padres. Está mal.I never lie to my parents. It's wrong.
b. is wrong 
La contraseña está mal. ¿Cómo dijiste que era?The password is wrong. What is it again?
2. (he or she is unwell; third person singular) 
a. he's sick 
Mi hijo debe permanecer en cama. Está mal.My boy must remain in bed. He's sick.
Está mal y tiene que tomar medicamentos.She's sick and must take medication.
c. he's ill 
Está mal y no puede salir de su casa.He's ill and can't leave his house.
d. she's ill 
Lucía no vino al ensayo porque está mal.Lucia didn't come to the rehearsal because she's ill.
e. is sick 
Micaela está mal. Tenemos que llamar a un médico.Micaela is sick. We have to call a doctor.
f. is ill 
Mi hermano está mal. Ha estado vomitando mucho.My brother is ill. He's been vomiting a lot.
3. (he or she is unhappy; third person singular) 
a. he's sad 
Pobre hombre. Está mal porque lo dejó su esposa.Poor man. He's sad because his wife left him.
b. she's sad 
¿Qué le sucede a Martina? - Está mal porque se quedó sin trabajo.What's wrong with Martina? - She's sad because she lost her job.
c. is sad 
Mi primo está mal porque su esposa está hospitalizada.My cousin is sad because his wife is in the hospital.
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