es tonto
1. (third person singular) 
a. he's dumb (masculine) 
No me gusta el nuevo empleado. Es tonto y testarudo.I don't like the new employee. He's dumb and stubborn.
b. she's dumb (feminine) 
Dije que Mariana no es muy inteligente. No dije que es tonta.I said that Mariana is not very smart. I didn't say she's dumb.
c. it's dumb 
Es tonto pensar que podemos construir una casa sin ayuda.It's dumb to think that we can build a house without help.
d. is dumb 
Mi jefe es tonto. Yo debería tener su puesto.My boss is dumb. I should be in his position.
2. (formal) (second person singular) 
Su hijo dice que es tonto, pero no cree que sea cierto. Solo quería ofenderlo.Your son said that you're dumb, but he doesn't believe it's true. He just wanted to insult you.
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