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masculine noun
1. (container for refuse) (Dominican Republic) (Panama) (Puerto Rico) 
a. garbage can (United States) 
No puedo creer que alguien dejó un reloj nuevo en el zafacón de la calle.I can't believe someone left a new watch in the garbage can outside.
El zafacón apesta. Tal vez deberías sacar la basura.The garbage can stinks. Maybe you should take the trash out.
b. trash can (United States) 
Quiero botar unos papeles, pero no encuentro el zafacón.I want to throw out some papers, but I can't find the trash can.
Recuerda comprar bolsas para el zafacón. Se acabaron.Remember to buy bags for the trash can. We're out.
c. rubbish bin (United Kingdom) 
Bota eso al zafacón.Put that in the rubbish bin.
1. (para basura) (Dominican Republic) 
a. rubbish bin (United Kingdom) 
b. trash can (United States) 
(Caribe) wastepaper basket; waste basket; (EEUU)
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