Usage note
This word may also be spelled "dumb-ass."
1. (slang) (stupid) (United States) 
a. tarado (colloquial) 
I can't believe our dumbass landlord still hasn't had the elevator fixed.No puedo creer que el tarado del casero todavía no haya arreglado el ascensor.
2. (slang) (stupid person) (United States) 
a. el burro (M)la burra (F) (colloquial) 
Look at that guy shouting at everyone in the bar. What a dumbass!Mira a ese tipo chillando a todos en el bar. ¡Qué burro!
b. el forro (M)la forra (F) (slang) (Argentina) 
I'm such a dumbass. How could I have not known that?¡Qué forro soy! ¿Cómo pude no saberlo?
dumb-ass [ˈdʌmæs] (US)
burroaburra (m) (f);a burra
Phrases with "dumbass"
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fucking dumbass
pendejo de mierda
you're a fucking dumbass
eres un pendejo de mierda
How do you say "dumbass" in Spanish?
¿Cómo se dice "dumbass" en español?
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