1. (the act of drinking) 
a. beber 
There's no drinking on the bus.No se permite beber en el camión.
2. (alcoholism) 
She decided to seek help for her problems with drinking.Decidió buscar ayuda para sus problemas con el alcoholismo.
b. la bebida (F) (colloquial) 
Drinking has always been his problem.La bebida siempre ha sido su problema.
3. (for drinking) 
a. potable 
Is the water from the tap drinking water?¿El agua de la llave es agua potable?
We bought drinking chocolate in Chiapas.Compramos chocolate para beber en Chiapas.
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
heavy drinking is bad for youbeber or
his drinking companionssus compañeros de borracheras
drinking chocolatechocolate a la taza
drinking fountainfuente de agua potable
drinking strawpajita pitillo m,, popote m
drinking wateragua potable
drinking [ˈdrɪŋkɪŋ]
1 [of any liquid]
my sore throat made drinking painful al tener la garganta irritada me dolía mucho al beber
2 [of alcohol]
his drinking caused his marriage to break up la bebida fue la causa de la ruptura de su matrimonio; she had to put up with his drinking tuvo que aguantar sus borracheras; heavy drinking can cause weight problems beber mucho puede ocasionar problemas de peso
he had short spells of lucidity between bouts of heavy drinking he was worried about her heavy drinking prolonged heavy drinking may then lead to cirrhosis moderate drinking is defined as one or two glasses a day
I'm not a drinking person no soy bebedor; no bebo mucho
drinking bout (n) juerga (f); farra (f) (informal); (LAm)
His well-publicised drinking bouts were a constant source of headlines he got into a fight during an all-night drinking bout
drinking chocolate (n) chocolate (m) bebida; (bebida)
drinking companion (n) compañeroacompañera (m) (f) de copas;a compañera
drinking fountain (n) fuente (f) (de agua potable)
drinking session (n) juerga (f); farra (f) (informal); (LAm)
they went out for a drinking session two friends stole the car after a heavy drinking session
drinking song (n) canción (f) de taberna
that old time Cockney drinking song, Roll Out The Barrel
drinking trough (n) abrevadero (m); camellón (m)
drinking water (n) agua (f) potable
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