1. (catastrophe) 
A disaster will occur if we don't stabilize the situation.Si no estabilizamos la situación, va a ocurrir un desastre.
Earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters are common in this region.Los terremotos, inundaciones y otras catástrofes naturales son comunes en esta región.
2. (wreck) 
Oh, no! The turkey is burnt! What a disaster!¡Oh, no! ¡Se quemó el pavo! ¡Qué desastre!
3. (failure) 
She doesn't work, or study. She is a disaster.Ni trabaja ni estudia. Es un desastre.
1. (general) 
a. la desastre m, catástrofe (F) 
disaster areazona catastrófica
2. (cinema) 
a. no direct translation 
disaster moviepelícula de catástrofes
disaster [dɪˈzɑːstəʳ]
1 (catastrophe) desastre (m)
the whole thing was a public relations disaster it wasn't a total disaster the election result was a major disaster for the government
her attempt at the record ended in disaster disaster struck in the final lap of the race ie the car came off the track and broke up, or whatever Disaster struck when their jeep got stuck as they tried to cross a dried-up river in the Atacama region most of the hotel guests were asleep when the disaster struck disaster struck on the last leg of his epic voyage
2 (inept person) desastre (m)
she's a disaster when it comes to cooking
disaster area (n) zona (f) catastrófica
Louisiana was declared a disaster area
he's a walking disaster area es un puro desastre
disaster fund (n) fondo (m) de ayuda para casos de desastre
20 million dollars have been allocated to disaster relief programs the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which oversees disaster relief
Phrases with "disaster"
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natural disaster
el desastre natural
it was a disaster
fue un desastre
what a disaster
qué desastre
disaster relief
ayuda en casos de desastre
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