despite the fact that
despite the fact that
1. (general) 
Despite the fact that I am going to graduate in a few months, I still don't feel ready to enter the real world.A pesar de que me voy a graduar dentro de unos meses, aún no me siento listo para entrar al mundo real.
They got married despite the fact that he is 25 years older than her.Se casaron a pesar del hecho de que él le lleva 25 años.
Despite the fact that I knew all the answers, I got nervous and failed the test.Pese a que sabía todas las respuestas, me puse nervioso y suspendí el examen.
The farmer managed to harvest his crops, despite the fact that there was not a lot of rain this year.El granjero logró recoger las cosechas, pese al hecho de que no hubo mucha lluvia este año.
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