1. (happening every day) 
a. diario 
Missing the bus is a daily occurrence for him.Perder el autobús es un hecho diario para él.
2. (everyday) 
a. cotidiano 
Going to the gym is a part of her daily life.Ir al gimnasio es una parte de su vida cotidiana.
3. (every day) 
I call my grandma daily to see how she's doing.Llamo a mi abuela diariamente para ver cómo está.
b. a diario 
They saw each other daily when they first started going out.Se veían a diario cuando primero empezaron a salir.
4. (newspaper) 
a. el diario (M) 
I don't tend to buy a daily.No acostumbro comprar un diario.
We usually get all the dailies at the office.Normalmente recibimos todos los periódicos en la oficina.
1. (newspaper) 
a. el diario m, periódico (M) 
2. (general) 
a. diario(a) 
on a daily basisa diario
our daily breadel pan nuestro de cada día
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
the daily grindla rutina diaria
daily paperdiario m, periódico m
4. (general) 
a. diariamente 
twice dailydos veces al día
daily [ˈdeɪlɪ]
1 (occurring each day) diario
there are daily flights from Manchester to Munich hay vuelos diarios de Manchester a Munich; hay vuelos de Manchester a Munich diariamente
he was advised to increase his average daily intake of fibre
on a daily basis (every day) diariamente
they are paid on a daily basis (by the day) les pagan por días or por día trabajado; (every day) les pagan cada día
relief workers witness terrible suffering on a daily basis
our daily bread el pan nuestro de cada día
daily newspaper diario (m); periódico (m)
incidents of this kind are a daily occurrence este tipo de incidentes ocurre diariamente or a diario
2 (normal, everyday) cotidiano
the daily grind la rutina diaria
the daily life of a primary school teacher la vida cotidiana de un profesor de primaria
we went about our daily lives as if nothing had happened continuamos con nuestra vida normal como si nada hubiera pasado
the daily round la rutina diaria
diariamente; a diario
incidents of this kind happen daily este tipo de incidentes ocurre diariamente or a diario
the ticket office is open daily la taquilla abre diariamente or todos los días
twice daily dos veces al día
1 (newspaper) diario (m); periódico (m)
2 especially (Britain)
daily (help or woman) asistenta (f); chacha (informal) (f)
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