como son tus hermanos
como son tus hermanos
1. (informal) (used to express cause; second person singular) 
Como son tus hermanos, tendrás que invitarlos a tu casamiento.As they are your siblings, you'll have to invite them to your wedding.
¿Por qué trajiste a Juan y Pedro? Como son tus hermanos, tú tendrás que cuidarlos.Why did you bring Juan and Pedro with you? As they are your brothers, you will have to look after them.
Como son tus hermanos, creí que querrías darles tú la noticia.Since they are your siblings, I thought you might want to break the news to them.
Como son tus hermanos y no los míos, no quiero opinar sobre lo que hicieron.Since they are your brothers and not mine, I don't want to give my opinion on what they did.
2. (informal) (used to express comparison; second person singular) 
Felipe es tal como son tus hermanos: honrados y generosos.Felipe is very much like your siblings are - honest and generous.
Nadie te será tan fiel como son tus hermanos.Nobody will be faithful to you like your brothers are.
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