chacras is the plural form of chacra.


usage note
This word may also be spelled “chakra” in the sense shown in 2).
feminine noun
1. (agriculture) (South America) 
a. farm 
Los agricultores cultivan sus frutos en la chacra.The farmers grow their fruit on the farm.
En la chacra de mis padres hay cabras, cerdos y gallinas.On my parents' small farm they have goats, pigs, and hens.
masculine noun
2. (religious) 
a. chakra 
Según distintas religiones de la India, poseemos siete chacras o centros de energía.According to various Indian religions, we have seven chakras or energy points.
1. (general) 
a. farm () 
(And) (S. Cone) small farm
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