masculine noun
1. (language) 
a. Castilian 
Todd empezó a estudiar castellano en México.Todd started studying Castilian in Mexico.
b. Spanish 
¿Hablas castellano?Do you speak Spanish?
2. (nationality) 
a. Castilian 
Mi amigo gallego es español, pero no es castellano.My Galician friend is Spanish, but he's not Castilian.
3. (of Castilian origin) 
a. Castilian 
En el español castellano, la "c" y la "s" no se pronuncian de igual manera.In Castilian Spanish, the letters "s" and "c" aren't pronounced the same way.
castellano, -a
adjective & masculine or feminine noun
1. Castilian
masculine noun
2. (Castilian) Spanish (lengua)
CASTELLANO Castellano (Castilian) is the official term for Spanish used in the Spanish Constitution of 1978, but “español“ (Spanish) and “lengua española” (Spanish language) are often used when referring to Spanish as opposed to French, Italian or German, and also in linguistic or academic contexts. Elsewhere, the term “español” is often avoided because of its associations with either the former colonizing country (in the case of Latin America) or (in Spain) with the domination of Spanish over the other languages spoken in Spain (principally Catalan, Basque and Galician).
castellanoa castellana
(Política) Castilian; (Lingüística) Spanish;
(Lingüística) Castilian; Spanish
In the Spanish-speaking world castellano rather than español is a very common term for the Spanish language. Under the Spanish Constitution castellano is Spain's official language, but in some of the Comunidades Autónomas it shares official status with another language. Use of one or other term in Spain will depend on where the speaker is from, and where they place themselves in the linguistic debate.
note See culture box in entry lengua.note See culture box in entry comunidad.
Phrases with "castellano"
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castellano antiguo
Old Castilian
guaraní y castellano
Guarani and Spanish
hablas castellano
do you speak Spanish
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