1. (with care) 
Open the soda carefully so it won't spill all over the place.Abre el refresco con cuidado para que no se derrame por todos lados.
Think carefully about what you must do and what can be postponed.Piensa cuidadosamente qué cosas tienes que hacer y cuáles puedes posponer.
Before answering the test questions, carefully read the instructions.Antes de responder a las preguntas en el examen, lee detenidamente las instrucciones.
1. (taking care, thoroughly) 
a. cuidadosamente 
2. (to think, choose) 
a. con cuidado 
3. (to drive) 
a. con cuidado, con precaución 
to listen carefullyescuchar atentamente
carefully [ˈkɛəfəlɪ]
1 (cautiously) [+drive, step] con cuidado; [+choose] con cuidado; cuidadosamente; [+reply] con cautela
he chose his words carefully escogió con cuidado or cuidadosamente sus palabras; I have to spend carefully tengo que tener cuidado a la hora de gastar dinero; she carefully avoided looking at him tuvo cuidado de no mirarlo; think carefully before you answer piénsalo bien antes de contestar; to go or tread carefully andar con cuidado
we must go carefully here she's very sensitive so I have to tread carefully he replied carefully
2 (painstakingly) (gen) cuidadosamente; [+listen] atentamente
she read the instructions carefully first Make sure you read the instructions carefully The policeman wrote down the details carefully He explained very carefully what he was doing ...a series of carefully planned thefts now, listen carefully
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