caerle mal
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to make him or her feel a strong dislike) 
a. to rub him the wrong way (masculine) 
Conozco esa mirada de mi padre. Mi novio le cae mal.I know that look on my dad's face. My boyfriend rubs him the wrong way.
b. to rub her the wrong way (feminine) 
¿Por qué te pusiste traje para venir a ver a mi mamá? - Sé que es muy clásica y no quiero caerle mal.Why did you wear a suit to meet my mom? - I know she's very traditional and I don't want to rub her the wrong way.
Caerle mal a la gente a veces es parte del trabajo de un político.Rubbing people the wrong way is sometimes part of a politician's job.
d. to not get along with him (masculine) 
Tu hermano y yo estamos enemistados desde los tiempos del colegio. Le caí mal desde el principio.Your brother and I became enemies during schooldays. He didn't get along with me from the beginning.
e. to not get along with her (feminine) 
¿Es esa tu nueva novia? A tu perro le cae mal. No para de ladrarle.Is that your new girlfriend? Your dog doesn't get along with her. He keeps barking at her.
Al jefe le caen mal los sindicalistas.The boss doesn't get along with the union members.
2. (to make him or her feel unwell) 
a. to not sit well with him (masculine) 
Mi papá dice que la fruta de noche le cae mal.My dad says that fruit doesn't sit well with him at night.
b. to not sit well with her (feminine) 
No creo que mi hermana pidiera melón. Le cae mal.I doubt my sister would order melon. It doesn't sit well with her.
A Claudio le cae mal el café.Coffee doesn't sit well with Claudio.
d. to disagree with him (masculine) 
Pobre niño, los dulces le caen mal.Poor kid, candy disagrees with him.
e. to disagree with her (feminine) 
Sonia siempre se da un paseo después de comer. Las siestas le caen mal.Sonia always takes a walk after lunch. Siestas disagree with her.
Los fritos le caen mal a la abuela.Fried foods disagree with grandma.
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