1. (without hair) 
a. calvo 
The truth is that he's bald, but wears a toupée.La verdad es que es calvo, pero lleva un peluquín.
b. pelado 
He's only 20 years old and he's almost bald!¡Solo tiene 20 años y es casi pelado!
c. pelón (Latin America) 
If I were bald, I would always wear a hat.Si yo fuera pelón, me pondría un sombrero siempre.
2. (without tread) 
It's very dangerous to drive with bald tires on wet roads.Es muy peligroso conducir con llantas desgastadas en carreteras mojadas.
3. (blunt) 
a. directo (figurative) 
The president made several bald statements about the state of the organization.La presidenta hizo varias declaraciones directas sobre el estado de la organización.
b. llano (figurative) 
The bald truth is that we have no money left.La llana verdad es que no nos queda dinero.
1. (person) 
a. calvo(a) 
2. (tire) 
a. desgastado(a) 
to go baldquedarse calvo(a)
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
as bald as a cootcon la cabeza monda y lironda
bald eagleáguila calva
bald patchcalva f, claro m
4. (truth) 
a. simple, llano(a) 
the report contained a bald statement of the factsel informe or
bald [bɔːld]
balder (comparative)baldest (superlative)
1 (hairless) [+person, head] calvo; (shaven) pelado
bald patch (on head) calva (f); claro (m); (on animal) calva (f); he can't spend much on the barber's, with that bald head of his con lo calvo que está no puede gastar mucho en peluquería; to go bald quedarse calvo
(as) bald as an egg or a coot más calvo que una bola de billar
the dog had a few bald patches on his back
2 (worn) [+tyre] desgastado; gastado; [+lawn] pelado
bald patches on the lawn/carpet calvas (f) en el césped/la alfombra
there's a bald patch in the middle of the carpet there are a couple of bald patches on the lawn
3 (unadorned) [+statement] directo; sin rodeos; [+style] escueto
these are the bald facts estos son los hechos sin más
The dilemma facing Germans is how to reconcile their fear of nuclear weapons with the bald fact that their closest ally, France, shows no sign of giving them up Thomas blurted out the announcement and I spent some moments groping to find the appropriate context. In a state of shock, people often state bald facts without preparatory contextual information Barings had been rendered effectively bankrupt by liabilities which then stood at 500 million pounds. These are the bald facts
bald eagle (n) águila (f) de cabeza blanca
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bald eagle
el águila calva
he is bald
es calvo
bald head
la calva
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