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The school counselor helps at-risk youths, that is, those with behavioral problems or a dysfunctional family.La orientadora escolar ayuda a los jóvenes en peligro, es decir, aquellos con problemas de comportamiento o una familia disfuncional.
at-risk [ætˈrɪsk]
[+group] en peligro
at-risk register (n) (Britain) (Social Work) registro (m) de delitos de violencia familiar or doméstica
The National Society for the Protection of Children says there's been a sharp increase in the number of youngsters being put on its `At Risk" register Mr Rumfitt said Tracey was put on the social services' at-risk register in April 1984. She died two years later after a massive overdose of drugs, identical to her mother's anti-depressant tablets
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