1. (looks) 
She has always taken great pains over her appearance.Siempre ha cuidado mucho su aspecto.
2. (act of appearing) 
My favorite actor will be making an appearance in this series.Mi actor favorito hará una aparición en esta serie.
3. (release) 
The appearance of the book was preceded by much hype.La publicación del libro vino precedida de una gran campaña publicitaria.
4. (legal) 
They may require your appearance in court.Puede que soliciten tu comparecencia ante el tribunal.
plural noun
5. (outward impression) 
You shouldn't judge people by their appearances.No se debería juzgar a la gente por las apariencias.
1. (arrival) 
a. la aparición (F) 
to put in an appearancehacer acto de presencia
2. (of actor) 
a. la aparición (F) 
3. (of publication) 
a. la publicación (F) 
4. (law) 
a. la comparecencia (F) (in court) 
5. (looks, demeanor) 
a. el apariencia f, aspecto (M) 
you should not judge by appearancesno se debe juzgar por las apariencias
it has all the appearances of a conspiracytiene todo el aspecto de ser una conspiración
appearances can be deceptivelas apariencias engañan
to keep up appearancesguardar las apariencias
appearance [əˈpɪərəns]
1 (act of showing o.s.) aparición (f)
to make an appearance aparecer; dejarse ver
Gus sat next to Eddie, waiting for his partner Gordie to make an appearance on the scene At some time, another adult may make an appearance, a new girlfriend or boyfriend of the parent This is an extremely complicated story, involving ghostly giants and beautiful princesses long before the fabulous "coffeebird" even makes an appearance
to make a personal appearance aparecer en persona
to put in an appearance hacer acto de presencia
2 (Teat) (TV) aparición (f)
to make one's first appearance hacer su primera aparición; debutar
his appearance as Don Mendo su actuación en el papel de Don Mendo
his appearance in "Don Mendo" su actuación en "Don Mendo"
cast in order of appearance personajes (m) en orden de aparición en escena
3 (Jur) comparecencia (f)
to make an appearance in court comparecer ante el tribunal
4 [of book etc] publicación (f)
5 (look) aspecto (m)
she takes great care over her appearance cuida mucho su aspecto
at first appearance a primera vista
to have a dignified appearance tener aspecto solemne
to have the appearance of sth
he had the appearance of an executive parecía ejecutivo; tenía aspecto de ejecutivo
He had the appearance of a college student The frozen blood had the appearance of some sort of obscene decoration The higher we climbed the steeper became the rock face: in some places it had the appearance of sloping outwards or towards one
in appearance de aspecto
6 appearances apariencias (f)
appearances can be deceptive las apariencias engañan
to or by all appearances al parecer
contrary to all appearances en contra de las apariencias
Contrary to all appearances, Bettina was an imaginative lover
you shouldn't go by appearances no hay que fiarse de las apariencias
to judge by appearances, ... a juzgar por las apariencias, ...
to keep up appearances guardar las apariencias
for the sake of appearancesfor appearances' sake para guardar las apariencias
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physical appearance
el aspecto físico
someone's appearance
el aspecto de alguien
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