An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
1. (by oneself)
a. solo
I don't feel comfortable when I'm home alone.No me siento cómodo cuando estoy en casa solo.
b. a solas
We were alone after dinner.Estuvimos a solas después de la cena.
2. (only)
a. solo
Your parents alone can give you permission.Solo tus papás te pueden dar permiso.
b. solamente
You alone know what decision will make you happy.Solamente tú sabes qué decisión te hará feliz.
3. (by oneself)
a. solo
He likes to work alone.Le gusta trabajar solo.
An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
4. (by oneself)
a. a solas
We were alone after dinner.Estuvimos a solas después de la cena.
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alone [əˈləʊn]
1 (by oneself) solo
she lives alone vive sola; to be alone estar solo or a solas; I was left to bring up my two children alone me quedé sola teniendo que criar a mis dos hijos
all alone (completamente) solo
I feel so alone me siento tan sola
am I alone in thinking so? ¿soy yo el único que lo cree?
they are not alone in their belief no son los únicos que lo creen; no son ellos solos los que lo creen
to leave sb alone dejar solo a algn
I only left her alone for a moment no la dejé sola más que un momento; don't leave them alone together no los dejes solos a los dos; I won't leave you alone with him no te dejaré sola con él; we spent some time alone together pasamos algún tiempo juntos los dos solos
I was alone with my thoughts estaba a solas con mis pensamientos
2 (undisturbed)
to leave or let sb alone dejar a algn en paz
leave or let me alone! ¡déjame en paz!; ¡déjame estar!; (LAm)
he won't leave let me alone Women just won't leave let him alone Just listen. Then I'll leave you alone
to leave or let sth alone no tocar algo; leave or let it alone! ¡déjalo!; ¡no lo toques!
you have to leave the money alone for five years
why can't he leave or let things alone? ¿por qué no puede dejar las cosas como están?
to leave or let well alone
you'd better leave or let well alone mejor no te metas en ese asunto
you'd better leave let well alone, let them sort it out between themselves
don't interfere, just leave or let well alone no te entrometas, déjalo estar; the article doesn't look bad as it is, I would leave or let well alone el artículo no está mal tal y como está, yo no lo tocaría
3 (as conj)
let alone
I wouldn't allow her to go with her sister, let alone by herself no la dejaría ir con su hermana, y aún menos sola; he can't read, let alone write no sabe leer y aún menos escribir
he can't afford food, let alone clothes
he can't change a light bulb, let alone rewire the house! no puede ni cambiar una bombilla, ¿cómo va a renovar toda la instalación eléctrica de la casa?
one can't get into Slobodia, let alone Ruritania he can't change a fuse, let alone do electrical repairs! she can't boil an egg properly, let alone cook lamb provençal!
solamente; solo; sólo
In the past the standard spelling for [solo] as an adverb was with an accent ([sólo]). Nowadays the [Real Academia Española] advises that the accented form is only required where there might otherwise be confusion with the adjective [solo].
you and you alone can make that decision tú y solamente or solo tú puedes tomar esa decisión; eres el único que puede tomar esa decisión; the travel alone cost £600 solamente or solo el viaje costó 600 libras
the food alone cost £250
she spends more money on hats alone than I do on my entire wardrobe solo en sombreros se gasta más de lo que yo gasto en ropa; se gasta más en sombreros nomás que lo que yo gasto en toda mi ropa; (LAm) a charm which is hers alone un encanto que es muy suyo; she decided to go it alone (informal) (do it unaided) decidió hacerlo sola; decidió hacerlo por su cuenta; (start a company) decidió establecerse por su cuenta
I didn't want anybody to help, I thought I could go it alone Germany may breach EC rules and go it alone with a ban we couldn't afford to go it alone
the US is prepared to go it alone as the only nation not to sign the treaty EEUU está dispuesto a quedarse solo siendo el único país que no firme el tratado
I'll go it alone if I have to
man cannot live by bread alone no solo de pan vive el hombre
we gained 100 members from this alone Simon alone knew the truth pride alone prevented her from giving up you alone can do it he gets paid more for overtime alone than I do for a week's work their pet dogs alone eat more meat than my whole family it is mine alone
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