1. (mishap) 
Wear your seatbelt in case of an accident.Ponte el cinturón en caso de que haya un accidente.
2. (unplanned event) 
It was an accident that we met in the street that day.Fue una casualidad que nos encontramos en la calle ese día.
It was an accident of nature that the calf was born with two heads.Fue un accidente de la naturaleza que el becerro nació con dos cabezas.
1. (general) 
a. el accidente (M) 
by accidentpor casualidad
to have an accidenttener or sufrir un accidente
that was no accidenteso no fue casualidad
car or road accidentaccidente de coche or de tráfico
accident insuranceseguro de accidentes
accident [ˈæksɪdənt]
1 (mishap) accidente (m)
to meet with or have an accident tener or sufrir un accidente
it's an accident waiting to happen es un peligro en potencia
A lot of the city's buildings are accidents waiting to happen ...shortcomings in the construction of the Chernobyl station, which she described as `an accident waiting to happen'
accidents will happen son cosas que pasan
2 (unforeseen event) casualidad (f)
by accident (by chance) por or de casualidad; (unintentionally) sin querer; involuntariamente; by some accident I found myself there me encontré allí por accidente; more by accident than design más por casualidad que por intención; I'm sorry, it was an accident lo siento, lo hice sin querer; it's no accident that ... no es casualidad or casual que ...
It's no accident that the the boom in police series on TV coincided with the decline of the Western
3 (Geol) (Fil) accidente (m)
Accident and Emergency Department accident and emergency (n) (in hospital) Urgencias (f)
(road) accident figures (n) cifras (f) de accidentes (en carretera)
accident insurance (n) seguro (m) contra accidentes
accident prevention (n) prevención (f) de accidentes
(road) accident statistics (n) estadísticas (f) de accidentes (en carretera)
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