a mí me importa
a mí me importa
1. (I'm bothered; first person singular) 
a. I care 
A mí me importa lo que piense la gente, aunque sé que no debería.I care what people think, although I know I shouldn't.
b. I mind 
Si a nadie le importa, voy a fumar. - A mí me importa. Por favor no fumes al lado mío.If nobody minds, I'm going to smoke. - I mind. Please don't smoke next to me.
2. (it is of importance to me; first person singular) 
A mí me importa el planeta. Por eso reciclo y evito usar plástico.The planet is important to me. That's why I recycle and avoid using plastic.
A mí me importa este caso porque las víctimas eran mis vecinos.This case matters to me because the victims were my neighbors.
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