Usage note
When it refers to the zodiac sign, the plural of “capricornio” is “capricornio” or “capricornio.” The adjective "capricornio" is invariable, which means its form does not change according to the gender or number of the noun it describes.
proper noun
1. (astronomy) 
a. Capricorn 
Capricornio era la constelación que marcaba el solsticio de invierno en la antigüedad.Capricorn was the constellation that marked the winter solstice in ancient times.
2. (zodiac sign) 
a. Capricorn 
¿Capricornio es un signo de tierra o de fuego?Is Capricorn an earth sign or a fire sign?
el capricornio, la capricornio
masculine or feminine noun
3. (person born under the sign of Capricorn) 
a. Capricorn 
Los capricornio tienen muchos amigos, pero muy pocos son verdaderos.Capricorns have lots of friends, but very few are true ones.
No me creo que vayas a rendirte por una tontería. ¡Un capricornio de verdad no se rinde nunca!I can't believe you're going to give up for no reason. A true Capricornian never gives up!
4. (born under the sign of Capricorn) 
a. Capricorn (noun) 
Si naciste en Navidad, entonces eres capricornio.If you were born at Christmas, then you're a Capricorn.
Mi dulce niña capricornio, no te desilusiones. No puedes ser amiga de todo el mundo.My sweet Capricornian girl, don't be disappointed. You can't be friends with everyone.
1. (zodiaco) 
a. Capricorn 
ser capricornioto be (a) Capricorn
2. (persona) (Spain) 
a. Capricorn 
(Astronomía) (Zodíaco) Capricorn
es de Capricornio (Latinoamérica) he's (a) Capricorn; he's a Capricornean
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