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Do you need an English-to-Spanish translation and you don’t know where to start? Check out this article to get tips and tricks to help you translate your text in the best way possible!

So, you need to traducir de inglés a español(translate from English to Spanish), but you’re not quite sure how to proceed? In this article, we’ll talk about how to translate your basic needs as well as how to translate more complicated and important texts.

English to Spanish Translation

When Do I Need an English-to-Spanish Translator?

When do you need an English-to-Spanish translator? Here are just a few of the situations when you might need English to Spanish translation:

  • You don’t have enough time to look up each word of a confusing sentence in a personal letter, email, or homework assignment.

  • You have an important document, for work or for your personal life, and you need to translate it from English to Spanish.

These are two very different situations that need very different types of translators. So, what options do you have to translate a text from English to Spanish?

How Can I Translate English to Spanish?

Translating the Basics

Do you need a traductor inglés español(English to Spanish translator) to help you with that one sentence you can’t figure out how to write for your Spanish essay? While we highly suggest that you don’t translate your whole paper (1. Your teacher will know; trust us! 2. That’s not how you learn!), using a tool like’s translator to traducir(translate) that one sentence or phrase can save you serious headaches.

Have you translated sentences or phrases on lately? If not, there’s one feature that you really need to know about.

Below the translation results, you’ll see a section titled Word-by-word. The sentence you want to translate is broken down word-by-word, with each possible translation in the right-hand column.

If you’re not quite sure which Spanish word to choose, click on the underlined word you're interested in. This will take you to its dictionary entry, where you’ll see it used in context.

The word-by-word section offers you the option to cross-check the machine's results. That’s a great way to ensure that the English-to-Spanish translation sentences the machine produced are as correct as possible!

Translating the Important Stuff

You should consider hiring a professional Spanish translator to help you with your Spanish translation if you have a situation in which a little mistake in translation could cause problems for you. When should you hire a professional to translate to Spanish for you? Here are a few of the situations where hiring a professional is a good investment:

  • Marketing or business materials
  • Official documents for immigration purposes
  • Medical documents
  • Legal documents

Remember: these are just a few of the situations in which a real, human traductor de inglés a español(English to Spanish translator) is the right choice for your task.

“To” is a word with just two little letters that can be translated so many ways. A human will certainly know the best way! Want to learn how to translate "to" too? Check out this article!

How Can I Find a Human Translator?

Search for “translators’ association” + your country on your favorite search engine. Most translators’ associations have a member directory where you can search for professional translators. For example, the American Translators Association has a big “Find a Language Professional” button right on its homepage!

The translators listed on these websites are paying members of a professional organization. This means that they are not just hobbyists looking to earn a few bucks! If you’re going to invest in hiring a professional, it’s wise to ensure that you’re getting the real deal. Be careful with gig work websites; they’re not the best place to find seasoned professional translators.

Another tricky phrase to translate is está bien(OK—and more!). Learn how to translate this phrase in this article.

Spanish-to-English Translation

You might also find that you need a Spanish-to-English translator. If you need to translate Spanish to English, just follow the same steps mentioned earlier in this article!’s translator is an ideal tool for Spanish translation to English.

If you need a human for real Spanish-to-English translation, you can also find Spanish-English translators on translators’ associations websites.

Did you know that there are some Spanish words without direct English equivalents? Check them out in this article!

However you decided to translate Spanish, just remember the benefits and limitations of each choice. Using a machine is quick and free, but results may vary. Hiring a human will give you a top-notch result, but it’ll cost money and take time. Best of luck with your translation!