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"Thanks For Your Prompt Response" in Spanish

"Thanks For Your Prompt Response" in Spanish

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Thanks for your prompt response = Gracias por su respuesta rápida 

Diving deeper...

While the above phrase has many possible translations, we decided to show you the one you’re most likely to come across. Given that the phrase implies a more formal relationship, such as a professional or business setting, the translation above uses the usted  form rather than the   form.

  • is used when talking to people you know, like your friends, or people the same age as you or younger.
  • Usted is used when talking to someone you don’t know, someone older, or someone to whom you wish to show respect and formality.

Want to learn more about the differences between and usted? Check out our article on the Spanish you.

When to use this phrase

This phrase is typically seen in a professional setting, such as an email from a company to a consumer. You might use it when reaching out to someone about a project, a job interview, or a job offer, or simply to answer a question someone asked. Take a look at our handy email template below to check out how you might use this phrase in real life.

When writing an email or a letter in Spanish to a woman you don't know, you can either use the abbreviated title Sra. (short for señora ) or Srta. (short for señorita ). The former is usually used for addressing married women or older women, while the latter is used for unmarried women or younger women. You can also avoid using a title at all by simply writing out the person's full name!


Dear Mr. Acevedo,

I am inquiring about the document that was submitted for revisions on Monday. The document needs to be returned with the necessary changes by Friday end of day. Please reply at your earliest convenience with a status update.

Thanks for your prompt response,



Querido Sr. Acevedo,

Estoy inquiriendo sobre el documento que fue sometido a correcciones este pasado lunes. El documento debe ser entregado con los cambios necesarios el viernes al final del día. Por favor responde con una actualización del estado del documento lo más pronto posible.

Gracias por su respuesta rápida,


More translations

Just in case you were wondering how else you can translate this phrase, here are some more options:

  • Gracias por su pronta respuesta. 
  • Gracias por su respuesta inmediata. 
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