Popular Sports Cheers in Spanish

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Learn how to cheer on your favorite teams in Spanish in this article! ¡Vamos!(Let's go!)

Un grupo de amigos que están viendo los deportes

In the Spanish-speaking world, some of the most popular sports include el fútbol(soccer), el básquetbol(basketball), and el béisbol(baseball).

¡Cuidado!(Careful!) Even though el fútbol looks like a cognate of football, it actually means soccer in the dialect of English spoken in the United States.

The table below shows some popular sporting events in el mundo hispanohablante(the Spanish-speaking world):

El Clásico
the soccer match between the infamous rivals Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, held in Spain
Copa América
the oldest international soccer tournament that determines the champion team in South America, though recently teams from North America and Asia have been invited to participate
Copa de Libertadores
a tournament of 38 top-ranking soccer teams in South America
Copa del Rey de Baloncesto
an annual competition for Spanish basketball teams in the Liga Endesa(Endesa League)
Serie del Caribe
the most prestigious baseball tournament in Latin America, also known as the Caribbean World Series
Juegos Panamericanos
a summer sporting event for nations in the Americas held every four years

If you ever attend a sports game in a Spanish-speaking country, here are some phrases you can use to cheer on your favorite team:

Go!¡Arriba, los Warriors!Go, Warriors!
Go!¡Dale, equipo!Go, team!
Goal!Después del tiro decisivo, el locutor gritó, "¡Gol!"After the winning shot, the announcer screamed, "Goal!"
Let's go!¡Hala, Madrid!Let's go, Madrid!
Let's go!Hasta el final, ¡vamos Real!Until the end, let's go Real!
Come on!¡Venga! ¡Tira el balón!Come on! Shoot the ball!
Hurrah!¡Viva, México!Hurrah, México!