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At SpanishDictionary.com, our mission is to bring free online Spanish-English learning resources to everyone around the world. During the current global pandemic, we will continue providing excellent language education resources for FREE to all site visitors. Keep your Spanish frescoduring this time away from school and friends using our tips below!

Vocabulary Lists and Quizzes

We’ve curated hundreds of custom vocabulary lists that are ready for classroom use whenever you’d like. You can visit spanishdict.com/vocabulary to browse our featured lists, which contain anything from food adjectives to parts of the body. Each list automatically generates a short quiz for your students to take. We also just released “big lists” which are each 1,000 words long and focused on different levels of Spanish. Try out beginner for Spanish 1 students, intermediate for students in Spanish 2 and 3, and advanced for students in Spanish 4 or higher.

Want to create your own lists? No problem! You can do that too. Just go to the spanishdict.com/vocabulary page to create your first list. The link on the page that contains your list is automatically shareable with anyone else, so you can send it to your students. We’ve created an example list here with some basic vocabulary relevant to the coronavirus — a timely topic, indeed. As another option, we created a list with some relevant technology words. This can come in handy if you’d like to keep the language of instruction in Spanish while talking about online classroom activities you are planning.

Grammar Quizzes

Want to get the hang of porand paraor other tricky topics? We have grammar articles and quizzes for hundreds of topics in the grammar guide. Search for your class’s topic on spanishdict.com/guide. Preterite? Imperfect? Subjunctive vs. Indicative? We’ve got you covered with articles and quizzes.


Does your class use a textbook? The odds are that we have curated content for your textbook, ready to go for online instruction today! Just visit spanishdict.com/textbooks to find your book and start planning online lessons. Teachers, are you wondering how to track your students’ progress? Have your students send you una captura de pantalla(a screenshot) of their quiz result to demonstrate that they completed the quiz. If you and your students sign up for free SpanishDictionary.com accounts, you can all see your personal progress and spaced repetition for all vocabulary words that you have ever studied.

Homework Help

You might know how to use our dictionary, translators, and conjugation tables, but did you know that you can also check your spelling and grammar? First, click the arrow in the search bar to expand for more options. Then, enter the text that you’d like to check, and click the little check mark icon in the bottom right corner. After submitting, you’ll either get a message that everything looks okay, or specific feedback with our suggested edits. Of course, this is an automated tool, so it won’t necessarily catch all errors, but it can be helpful for any writing assignment.

For Independent Learners

There is no time like the present to pick up or ramp up your Spanish learning! The vocabulary and grammar quizzes are great opportunities to brush up on the words and grammar topics you’re struggling with most.

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