My father and his sister Andrea did unspeakable things.
Mi padre y su hermana Andrea hicieron cosas innombrables.
We have a joy unspeakable and full of glory.
Nosotros tenemos un gozo indecible y lleno de gloria.
In this context, the divine Truth is unspeakable.
En este contexto, la Verdad divina es indescriptible.
This reveals his unspeakable love for his human family.
Esto revela su amor indecible por la familia humana.
I don't know what unspeakable things happened in that beautiful house.
No sé qué cosas indescriptibles ocurrieron en esa bonita casa.
She did something that, in our society, is unspeakable.
Hizo algo que, en nuestra sociedad, es incalificable.
The human suffering which has been inflicted is unspeakable.
Los sufrimientos humanos que han sido infligidos son indecibles.
We are deeply moved by this unspeakable tragedy and share their grief.
Estamos profundamente conmovidos por esta tragedia incalificable y compartimos su dolor.
It may have been unspeakable, but it wasn't for free.
Pueden haber sido indescriptible, pero no era gratis.
The previous year and a half had been an unspeakable blank.
El último año y medio habían sido un horrible vacío.
But there are unware of the unspeakable horrors, that their light can summon.
Pero hay unware de horrores indescriptibles, que su luz puede convocar.
So, are we all prepared for an hour of unspeakable music?
¿Están todos preparados para una hora de música insufrible?
It can cure the unspeakable sores of leprosy.
Puede curar las llagas indecibles de la lepra.
While you were asleep, this woman has given me unspeakable pleasure.
Mientras tú dormías, esta mujer me ha dado un placer increíble.
He went through hours of brainwashing and unspeakable mental cruelty.
Él atravesó horas de lavamiento del cerebro y terrible crueldad mental.
To do so in the name of Trotskyism is unspeakable.
Hacer ello en nombre del trotskismo es abominable.
Their suffering was unspeakable and their experience beggars description.
Su sufrimiento es indecible y sus experiencias incomunicables.
Only when the cloud appeared did I feel an unspeakable relief.
Solo cuando apareció la nube sentí un alivio indescriptible.
Are you saying that because the things are unspeakable?
¿Dices eso porque las cosas son innombrables?
That was something unspeakable and very powerful.
Eso era algo indescriptible y muy potente.
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