tener miedo

No hay un hombre vivo que no tenga miedo de eso.
There ain't a man alive who's not afraid of that.
Necesitamos un gobierno progresista que no tenga miedo a desobedecer.
What's needed is a progressive government that isn't afraid to disobey.
Otro que no tenga miedo de ocupar su lugar entre las estrellas.
Someone who isn't afraid to take their place amongst the stars.
No puedo creer que la gente ya no tenga miedo de nosotros.
I can't believe people are no longer afraid of us.
Buscaré gente que no tenga miedo de decir la verdad.
I look for people who are not afraid to tell the truth.
Solo se necesita una persona, que no tenga miedo.
It just takes one person who's not afraid.
No tenga miedo de las personas ni de sus representantes.
Do not fear the peoples and their representatives.
No tenga miedo, esta vez no van a escapar.
Have no fears, this time they won't escape.
Puede ser que su pareja tenga miedo de lastimarla.
Your partner may be afraid of hurting you.
No tenga miedo de poner un poco almidón, en serio.
Don't be afraid to put a little starch, seriously.
Sea creativo y no tenga miedo de intentar algo nuevo.
Be creative, and don't be afraid to try something new.
No tenga miedo y recuerde: los clientes son agradecidos por naturaleza.
Do not be afraid and remember: customers are grateful by nature.
Nunca tenga miedo si su dominio funciona o no.
Never be afraid whether your domain works or not.
No tenga miedo de tomar riesgos, todavía se puede cambiar.
Do not be afraid to take risks, you can still change.
Y el contenido calórico de esta salsa que no tenga miedo.
And caloric content of this sauce do not be afraid.
No tenga miedo de cambiar el aspecto y divertirse.
Dont be afraid of change the looks and have fun.
Entrar en la feroz competencia y que no tenga miedo.
Get into the competition fierce and do not be afraid.
No tenga miedo de libro por el gran dormitorio.
Do not be afraid to book at the large dorm.
Salida lejos de la opresión, para que no se tenga miedo.
Depart far from oppression, for you will not be afraid.
No tenga miedo de elegir modelos brillantes botas de primavera.
Do not be afraid to choose bright spring models boots.
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