No quise decir que te vistieras para salir.
I didn't mean for you to dress to go out.
No te pedí que te vistieras así.
I didn't ask you to dress up.
Charlotte, te pedí que te vistieras.
Charlotte, I said get dressed.
¿No sería mejor que te vistieras un poco mejor?
Well, don't you think it would be nice to get a little dressed up for it?
¡Te dije que te vistieras!
I thought I told you to get dressed!
Si no te vistieras y hablaras así, la gente no te tendría tanto miedo.
You know, if you didn't dress and talk like that, man, people wouldn't be so freaked out.
Lo único que te pedí para esta cena fue que te vistieras y no lo hiciste.
The only thing I asked you to do for this party was put on clothes and you didn't do it.
Lo único que te he pedido que hicieras es que te vistieras y no lo has hecho.
The only thing I asked you to do for this party was put on clothes and you didn't do it.
Quizás si te vistieras un poco más normal.
Maybe if you dressed a little more normal.
¿Era absolutamente necesario que te vistieras como una...?
Was it absolutely necessary for you to dress up like a...?
Me alegra que te vistieras para la ocasión.
Glad to see you dressed for the occasion.
Expresamente te dije que no te vistieras como yo.
I expressly asked you not to dress up as me.
Es lindo que te vistieras para mi boda.
Nice of you to get all dressed up for my wedding.
No puedo creer que te vistieras para él.
I can't believe you'd dress up for him.
Harías mi vida más fácil si te vistieras así todo el tiempo.
You'd make my life easier if you dressed like this all the time.
Sí, pero no te dije que te vistieras como Evil Knievel.
Yeah, i didn't say you should dress like evel knievel.
Me gustaría que te vistieras un poco mejor,
I wish you'd dress a little better,
Te dije que te vistieras, eso es todo.
I told you to dress, that's all.
¿No te dijeron que no te vistieras de azul?
Did no one tell you not to wear blue?
Sería bueno que te vistieras como un detective.
It helps if you dress like a detective.
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