Quiero que te pegues a él como una garrapata.
I want you to stick to him like a limpet.
Durante la fiesta, quiero que te pegues a ella.
During the party, I want you to stick close to her.
Quiero que lo encuentres y te pegues a él.
I want you to find him and stick to him.
No quiero que te pegues con el poste.
We don't want you to bump into the pole.
Tiene mucho sentido que te pegues a él, de verdad, Entonces...
That makes a lot of sense for you to shadow him, it does,
Y quiero que te pegues a ti mismo justo ahora.
And I want you to hit yourself right now.
Esta vez, quiero que te pegues bien a la montura.
This time I want you to really grind into the saddle.
Pero entonces cuando va a necesitar que te pegues más a él.
But that's when he's gonna need you to stick with him the most.
Quédate atrás de esa línea, no te pegues a la pared.
You want to stay behind that line, you want to stay off the wall.
No te pegues tumbada toda la mañana.
Don't lie there all morning.
Harán que te pegues a él y luego ponerlo todo a tus pies.
They're gonna make you stick it to him and then lay it all at your feet.
No te pegues a ti misma.
Don't beat yourself up.
Entonces no te pegues a mí.
A word of advice: don't follow me.
No te pegues en el pulgar.
Now, don't hit your thumb. Right?
No te pegues a alguien que acabas de conocer anoche.
Don't get too attached to someone you just met last night.
No te pegues a la pared. La acaban de pintar.
Stay off the wall. They just painted it.
No te pegues tanto a mí cuando estemos bajando la montaña o nos podemos caer.
Don't stick too close to me when we're going down the mountain or we could both fall.
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