Seguro te aburriste mucho los últimos tres años.
You... You must have been so bored over the last three years.
No te aburriste anoche.
You didn't have a boring night!
¡Ya! ¿Te aburriste mucho?
Did you get very bored?
Una vez que lograste someter a Hélène, te aburriste de ella, ¿no?
Once you managed to subjugate Hélène, you got bored with her, right?
Ya te aburriste de trabajar por tres meses.
Three months and you're already bored of your job...
¿Es porque te aburriste de mí?
That's why you get bored of me?
Creo que ya te aburriste de mí.
I think you've grown bored with me already.
¿Ya te aburriste de tu policía?
Are you bored with your cop already?
¿Ya te aburriste de nosotros?
So you're bored with us already?
Torito, si ya te aburriste de mí mejor dímelo de una vez.
Are you bored with me? Just tell me now.
Yo estaba tan dentro de ti, bueno, y, básicamente, me ha convertido en una versión femenina de mí mismo, y luego te aburriste de salir conmigo porque estabas saliendo contigo mismo.
I was so into you, okay, and you basically turned me into a female version of yourself, and then you got bored dating me because you were dating yourself.
Te aburriste de sus ideas muy de repente, ¿no?
You got sick of Williams' ideas rather suddenly, didn't you?
¿Te aburriste intentando encontrarte a ti mismo?
Did you grow bored with trying to find yourself?
¿Te aburriste en la fiesta?
You were bored at the party?
¿Te aburriste intentando encontrarte a ti mismo? En realidad, sí.
Did you grow bored with trying to find yourself? Yes, actually.
¿Te aburriste de Yale y del fútbol? Sí.
You gave up Yale and football? Yeah.
¿Te aburriste tan fácil?
Did you get bored that easily?
¿Y qué pasó? ¿Te aburriste o qué?
What happened, you get bored of it?
Te aburriste como una ostra.
You were bored to tears.
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