take away from

But that doesn't take away from the good he's done.
Pero eso no quita lo bueno que ha hecho.
What they can't take away from you is your dreams.
Lo que no pueden quitarte son tus sueños.
Well, at least there's one thing they can't take away from me.
Bueno, al menos hay una cosa que no me pueden quitar.
This should definitely take away from Hillary Clinton's support.
Esto definitivamente debería quitar el apoyo a Hillary Clinton.
But I have to take away from you your right for happiness.
Pero tengo que quitarles... su derecho a la felicidad.
But there is one thing he cannot take away from you:
Pero hay una cosa que no les puede quitar.
Justice and equity would take away from the power that they currently enjoy.
Justicia y rectitud les quitaría el poder que ahora disfrutan.
Its compact size doesn't take away from the superb audio quality on offer.
Su tamaño compacto no quita la excelente calidad de audio en oferta.
Because no one can take away from you what you no longer have.
Porque nadie te puede quitar lo que ya no tienes.
But that doesn't take away from our victory.
Pero eso no empaña nuestra victoria.
In the world outside people want take away from you.
El mundo exterior va a querer quitarte eso.
But that does not take away from the fact that I have helped somebody.
Pero no quita el hecho que he ayudado a alguien.
And everything that we've gained that no one can take away from you.
Y todo lo que ganamos que nadie nos puede sacar.
That would just take away from my pizza fund.
No, eso me quitaría mi reserva de pizza.
Is there anything you wish to take away from it?
¿Hay algo que desee retirar?
What more can we possibly take away from this man?
¿Qué más podemos posiblemente quitarle a este hombre?
What message can we take away from this for ourselves?
¿Qué mensaje podemos obtener de esto para nosotros mismos?
That is my point, so take away from him!
Ese es mi punto, ¡así que aléjese de él!
But now there's nothing more you can take away from me.
Pero ahora no hay nada más que puedas quitarme.
What do you want readers to take away from this book?
¿Qué deseas que los lectores se lleven de este libro?
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