-you will go up
The word subirás is the future form of subir in the second person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Pero nunca subirás a ese avión con una bomba.
But you'll never get on that plane with a bomb.
No subirás a mi auto con ese pescado frito.
You're not getting into my car with that fried fish.
Solo prométeme que no te subirás al auto, ¿está bien?
Just promise me you won't get in that car, okay?
Nada demasiado glamuroso, pero pagará tus cuentas, subirás en la escalera.
Nothing too glamorous, but you pay your dues, climb the ladder.
Si lo hago, ¿subirás a la ambulancia cuando llegue?
If I do, will you get in the ambulance when it arrives?
Si pasa cualquier cosa, te subirás a ese barco.
If anything happens, you get on that boat.
Y tú, un día tú subirás muy alto solo para caer.
And you, you shall one day climb very high only to fall.
No subirás al escenario en este estado, no en mi club.
You won't get on stage in this shape, not in my club.
Y probablemente subirás a tomar un café.
And you'll probably want to come upstairs for some coffee.
Mañana subirás al estrado y quiero que digas la verdad.
Tomorrow, I want you to take the stand and tell the truth.
No te subirás al auto con ella.
You're not getting in the car with her.
Te subirás al auto y darás un paseo con ellos.
You're gonna have to get in the car and take a ride with them.
Tú te subirás a tu coche y te irás por ese camino.
You're gonna get in your car and drive that way.
No me subirás a un avión ahora.
You couldn't get me on a plane now.
¿Dices que no subirás al escenario con nosotros?
Are you saying that you're not going out on stage with us?
Está bien, solo dile que ya te vas, que no subirás.
OK, just tell her you're leaving, you're not going up.
Te subirás a ese avión, ¿me entiendes?
So you're gonna get on that plane. Do you understand me?
Te subirás a ese avión, ¿me entiendes?
So you're gonna get on that plane, understand me?
Matt, ¿subirás a vigilar el autobús médico?
Matt, you up to guarding the med bus?
Pero, escucha, ¿realmente subirás allí?
But, listen, are you really going to go up there?
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