The word subieras is the imperfect subjunctive form of subir in the second person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
See the full subir conjugation


Nos alegramos de que no subieras en ese coche con ella.
We're just glad you didn't get in that car with her.
Te dijo papá que no subieras a su barca.
Daddy told you not to climb on his boat.
Quería que subieras aquí y lo encontraras.
She wanted you to come up here and find it.
Te avisé de que no subieras a ese avión.
I warned you not to get onto that plane.
Daisy, te pedí que subieras al auto.
Daisy, I asked you to get in the car.
¿Entonces por qué te dijo que no subieras al autobús?
Just why did he tell you not to go on that bus?
Si te subieras al avión te lo podría demostrar.
If you'd get on a plane, I could show you.
Bien, ¿por qué él no quería que te subieras?
All right, why didn't he want you to get in the car?
Ha intentado que te subieras en esa atracción durante semanas.
He's been trying to get you on that ride of his for weeks.
Dije que no subieras, pero me obligaste.
I told you not to come up, but you forced me.
Dije que subieras y ordenaras tu cuarto.
I told you to come up and may command your room.
Me habría gustado que subieras ahí y cantado conmigo.
I wish you would have gotten up there and sang with me.
¿Y si yo no quería que subieras?
Well, what if I didn't want you to come up?
Si podemos, me gustaría que subieras al campanario.
If we can, I'd like to get you up in that bell tower.
No puedo creerme que no subieras, tío.
I can't believe you didn't go on, man.
Te dije que subieras al auto.
I told you to get in the car.
Yo te pedí que subieras conmigo.
I asked you to come up here with me.
Te dije que no subieras aquí.
I told you not to go up here.
Me gustaría que tú subieras al trono, el primer rey benévolo.
I should like to see you take the throne. The first benevolent king.
¿Se te ordeno que no subieras o me equivoco?
You were told not to come up. Am I right?
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