The word subiera is the imperfect subjunctive form of subir in the first person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
See the full subir conjugation


Él habría sido el tipo que la subiera arriba.
He would have been the guy to bring her up.
Él solo quería que yo subiera derecho por las escaleras.
He just wanted me to go straight up the stairs.
Tengo un mensaje de Rick diciendo que subiera el tejado.
I got a text from Rick saying come up to the roof.
Le dijo que no se subiera a la Máquina del Misterio.
He told him not to get into the Mystery Machine.
Y rogó a Felipe que subiera y se sentara con él.
He begged Philip to come up and sit with him.
Yo no le dije que se subiera a ningún autobús, Eleanor.
I didn't tell her to jump on a bus, Eleanor.
Ahora me encantaría que subiera un invitado muy especial.
Now I would love to bring up a very special guest.
Me he inventado toda la historia para que subiera el precio.
I invented that whole story to drive up the price.
Me sorprende que Bright no subiera con nosotros.
I'm surprised Bright didn't charm himself up here with us.
Bien, entonces antes de que me subiera al auto...
Right, so before I got in the car...
¿No crees que le pregunté antes de que se subiera?
Don't you think I asked him that before he got in?
¿Le pagaste otra vez a Carl para que subiera la temperatura?
Did you pay Carl to turn up the heat again?
Tenías que decirme que me subiera a un avión.
You were supposed to tell me to get on a plane.
Me dijeron que subiera a su habitación.
They told me to go up to his room.
Todo lo que pedí es que subiera a 500.
All I asked was to take it up to 500.
No puedo creer que no me subiera a ese tren.
I can't believe I didn't get on that train.
Pero me dijo que subiera los baúles.
But you told me to bring up the trunks.
Mi amigo me indicó que subiera al sillón.
My friend pointed for me to get into the chair.
Nunca dejaron que el poder les subiera a la cabeza.
Never let the power go to their heads.
A lo mejor salió antes de que subiera la valla.
Maybe she got out before the fence went up.
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