The word subamos is the present subjunctive form of subir in the first person plural. There are other translations for this conjugation.
See the full subir conjugation


Ahora, subamos a cubierta y veamos a mis hijos.
Now, let's go up on deck and see my sons.
No nos dicen nada, solo que subamos al heli.
They don't tell us anything, just to get on the heli.
Bueno, subamos al subte y volvamos a casa.
Well, let us board the subway and return home.
Si no hay más preguntas, señores, subamos.
If there are no further questions, gentlemen, let's mount up.
Por seguridad, no lo sabremos hasta que subamos a los aviones.
For security reasons, we won't know until we board the planes.
Será mejor que te subamos ya, o perderemos la marea.
We'd better get you on board. We'll lose the tide.
Me preguntaba si es posible que lo subamos al escenario.
I was wondering if maybe we can get him onstage.
Creo que será mejor que subamos a la habitación de arriba.
I think we'd better go up to the top room.
Tal vez seria mejor que subamos a mi estudio.
Maybe we'd better go up to my study.
Tal vez nos pida a los dos que subamos.
Maybe he's gonna ask both of us to go up.
No hasta que la subamos a la uci.
Not until we get her up to the icu.
Creo que sería mejor que lo subamos a su apartamento.
We'd better get him up to his apartment.
Lo vas a necesitar cuando subamos a esa nave.
You're going to need it when we get up to that ship.
Sugiero que nos subamos y veamos adónde nos lleva.
I suggest we get in and see where it takes us.
Vamos a ver a los Redwoods cuando subamos.
We're going to see the Redwoods on the way up.
Ambos sabemos lo que va a ocurrir cuando subamos al columpio.
We both know what's gonna happen when we get in that swing.
Será mejor que subamos por el otro lado.
We'd better go up on the other side.
No, no, pero sí mañana, cuando subamos la montaña.
No, no, but tomorrow when we all go up the mountain.
Y lo abandonó. Entonces subamos otros 100.000 dólares.
And abandoned it. Then we bump it up another $100,000.
Por esta vez, simplemente subamos al autobús.
For the time being, let's just get in the bus.
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