The word subías is the imperfect form of subir in the second person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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¿Y cuánto tiempo subías en él?
And how long were you up on him?
¿He oído que subías, hace un tiempo?
Did I hear you drive up, a while back?
Salió en la radio, si realmente te gustaba subías el volúmen
It came on the radio, if you really liked it, you'd turn it up.
Nunca subías el techo.
But you'd never get the roof up.
Mientras subías las escaleras.
While you were upstairs.
No avisaste que subías.
I didn't know you were coming.
Solía entrar a un cuarto, y te veía ahí y tú apenas subías la mirada.
I used to walk into a room, and I'd see you there and you'd barely look up.
Solía entrar a un cuarto, y te veía ahí y tú apenas subías la mirada.
I used to walk into a room and I'd see you there. And you'd barely look up.
Recuerdo cuando te subías al avión y sabías que lo ibas a pasar bien.
I remember back in the day when you got on a plane and you knew you were in for a good time.
Cuando llamaban tu nombre tenías que ir a ver al tipo de la S.S. Tachaba tu nombre de una lista y subías al tren.
As they called your name, you had to go and see this SS guy and he crossed you off the list and then you went into the car.
No debemos olvidar que en el caso del euro había en el horizonte una ratificación bien precisa, fijada en el tiempo: o subías al tren, o el tren se iba sin ti.
We must not forget that, in the case of the euro, there was a clear time limit: either you boarded the train, or the train left without you.
¿Subías las escaleras por tu mujer?
You ran up the stairs for your wife?
De noche, con un par de chicos, tú mismo subías y bajabas.
At night, they'd get a couple guys and go up and do it on your own.
Cuando subías las escaleras. Sí, maestro.
Coming up the stairs, could you hear it?
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