The word robará is the future form of robar in the third person singular.
See the full robar conjugation


Lo llaman el Chico Gorilla, y te robará el corazón.
They call him the Gorilla Boy, and he'll steal your heart.
Le robará todo lo que tiene como me robó la cámara.
He'll steal everything you've got like he stole my camera.
Si supiera que nadie le robará la cruz.
If I knew that no one would steal the cross.
¿Cree usted que el dolor robará me de la razón?
Do you suppose pain will rob me of reason?
Te robará la chica en cuanto te mire.
He'll steal your girl as soon as look at you.
Lo siento, ¿crees que te robará el espíritu?
I'm sorry, you believe it'll take your spirit away?
Estará segura aquí, nadie la robará.
It will be safe here, no one will steal it.
Esta vez, sí robará un marido.
This time, she does steal a husband.
Ahora nadie te robará tu bici, ¿vale?
No one's gonna steal your bike, all right?
Si no le enseñamos una lección, ¿cómo sabemos qué robará después?
If we don't teach him a lesson, how do we know what he'd steal next?
John no sabe si uno, ambos, o ninguno de ellos robará el dinero.
John doesn't know if one, both, or neither of them will steal any money.
Bueno, digamos que nadie robará a Jason el dinero del almuerzo.
Let's just say, no one will be taking Jason's milk money.
Y esta vez, robará un marido.
This time, she does steal a husband.
La culpa nos robará esas cosas y ya hemos tenido suficiente.
Blame will rob us of those things, and we have had enough of that.
¿Crees que te robará el alma?
What, you think it's gonna steal your soul?
Pero supongo que estará bien, porque al menos no se robará las sábanas.
But I guess it's okay, 'cause then at least he won't steal the sheets.
No robará nada si puedo evitarlo.
You're not going to steal this if I can help it.
¿Cree que robará otro banco?
You don't think he's going to rob another bank?
¿Quién robará el libro?
Who will steal the book?
No pienso que se robará algo.
Don't think he's gonna take anything.
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