Lo único que sabes hacer es reprender a la gente.
The only thing you know is to tell people off.
No será suficiente para Ezequiel para reprender sin involucrarse.
It will not be sufficient for Ezekiel to rebuke without becoming involved.
Entonces Pedro Lo llevó aparte y comenzó a reprender a Jesús.
And Peter took Him aside and began to rebuke Him.
Steve, no los vas a reprender en realidad, ¿o sí?
Steve, you're not really going to burn them, are you?
Sí, voy a reprender a ese pequeño pillo.
Yes, I'll give a good scolding to the little rascal.
Puedes reprender a los pacientes todo lo que quieras.
You can berate patients all you want.
El tribunal también puede reprender al menor.
The court can also issue a reprehension to the juvenile.
Es bueno reprender al Señor, hijo mío.
It's good to berate the Lord, my son.
No es sobre reprender al padre de la nación.
This isn't a matter of rebuking the national father.
Tratará de evitar reprender o castigar en presencia de otros.
He will seek to avoid giving reproof or punishment in the presence of others.
Siempre reprender o corregir en privado.
Always reprimand or correct in private.
Se me ha asignado el desagradable trabajo de reprender los pecados privados.
It has been the disagreeable work assigned me to reprove private sins.
No he venido aquí para reprender usted.
I didn't come here to reprimand you.
Ustedes oran que a través de EL tienen el poder para reprender el pecado.
You pray that through HIM you have the power to rebuke sin.
Ella tomó su negocio para advertir al presente y reprender personas nombradas con frecuencia.
She took his business to warn the present and rebuke frequently named persons.
Entonces Pedro le tomó, y le comenzó a reprender.
And Peter, taking him to [him], began to rebuke him.
Veo que usted, al igual que yo, vino a reprender a Santiago.
I see that you, like I, came up here to chastise Santiago.
¿Tienen miedo de reprender a pecadores?
Are you afraid to reprove sinners?
Sabía que me iban a reprender todos.
I knew that I will be chided by all of you.
No es necesario reprender al servicio.
There's no need to reprimand the help.
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