-he/she will relax
The word relajará is the future form of relajar in the third person singular.
See the full relajar conjugation


Si le hace hablar, se sentirá mejor y se relajará.
If you can make him talk, he'll feel better and loosen up.
Un poco tímida al principio, se relajará rápidamente.
A little shy, at first, she will loosen up very quickly.
Esto te relajará, pero sentirás todo.
This will relax you, but you will feel everything.
Bueno, tal vez un Fuzzy Navel te relajará.
Well, maybe a fuzzy navel wine cooler will loosen you up.
Te relajará antes de la anestesia.
It will relax you before the anesthesia.
¿En verdad esto me relajará, doctor?
Are you sure this will help me relax, doc?
No se relajará hasta que llegue Shakaar.
She's not going to relax until Shakaar gets here.
Se relajará cuando se convenza de que la familia no está en crisis.
She'll relax when she's convinced that the family's no longer in crisis.
A medida que se aplique el calor, se relajará y se pondrá tirante.
As heat is applied, it will relax and then become taut.
Alguien dijo que me relajará.
Someone said that it will take my edge off.
Usted recibirá un sedante, un medicamento que la relajará y le dará sueño.
You receive a sedative. This ismedicine that makes you relaxed and sleepy.
Aquí tener esto, te relajará.
Here, take this, it will relax you.
Es algo que te relajará.
It something to make you relax.
Esto te relajará antes de empezar.
A little something to relax you before we begin.
Te hará sentirte mejor, te relajará y hará que te sientas mejor.
It'll make you feel better, make you relax and feel better.
Te prometo que esto no te relajará en lo más mínimo.
I promise you this won't relax you in the slightest degree!
Es dura, pero se relajará.
You know, she's tough, but she'll loosen up.
¿Esto te relajará, no?
This will relax you, no?
¿Entonces, esto me relajará?
So, this will mellow me out?
Pero no se relajará.
But he won't relax.
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