-I recovered
The word recuperara is the imperfect subjunctive form of recuperar in the first person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Justo como hacía tu mejor amiga antes de que se recuperara.
Just like your best friend did before she got well.
Yo solo quería que la gente recuperara su dinero.
I just wanted to get these people their money back.
Mi primo lo hizo para que recuperara mi trabajo.
My cousin did it to get my job back.
No! Le dije que recuperara el disco, es todo.
I just told him to get the disc back, that's all.
Es culpa tuya, diciéndome que la recuperara. No.
It's your fault, telling me to get her back.
Los recuperara cuando la investigación haya terminado.
You get them back when the investigation is over.
En realidad... Me gustaría que recuperara su vida.
Actually I'd like her to get her life back.
Un nombre apropiado para el rey que recuperara el honor de su familia.
A name fit for the King who regained his family's honor.
Me dijiste que recuperara mi trabajo.
You told me to get my old job back.
Lo alegrara saber que pronto recuperara a su equipo.
You'll be happy to hear you'll have your team back soon.
Querías que recuperara a su mejor amiga.
You wanted her to have her best friend back.
Me pediste que me recuperara, lo he hecho.
You asked me to get it together, I have.
Solo quería que mi bebé se recuperara.
I just wanted my baby to get well.
Me dijo que recuperara el dinero.
He asked me to collect the money.
Íbamos a esperar que se recuperara, pero ahora debemos irnos inmediatamente.
We were waiting till she was well enough but now we must leave immediately.
Eso fue todo lo necesario para que recuperara el buen tino.
Okay, that's all it took for me to come to my senses.
¿Qué haría si recuperara el mando?
What would you do if you got your ship back?
Podría parecer que no querías que recuperara su vida, así que...
It could look like you didn't want her to have her life back, so...
Es que... en verdad quería que se recuperara.
I just... really wanted her to make it.
Tenía miedo de que él se recuperara.
I was scared he might get back up.
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