Si hay una persona práctica presente, él escuchará para razonar.
If there's a practical person present, he'll listen to reason.
¿Crees que íbamos a ser capaces de razonar con él?
You think we were gonna be able to reason with him?
No hay una gran cantidad de razonar con un anarquista.
There's not a lot of reasoning with an anarchist.
No lo sabemos aun, pero si podemos razonar con ella...
We don't know yet, but if he can reason with her...
Y como niños, no puedes razonar con ellos cuando están enojados.
And like children, you can't reason with them when they're upset.
¿Alguna vez has intentado razonar con un cartero, hijo?
Have you ever tried reasoning with a mailman, son?
Debemos ser inteligentes, tratar de razonar con él primero.
We gotta be smart, try and reason with him first.
Y eso le hace aterrador porque no puedes razonar con él.
And that makes him frightening because you can't reason with him.
Me encanta el hecho de que pudo razonar con ella
I love the fact that he could reason with her.
Mira, el error que cometiste fue tratar de razonar con ellos.
See, the mistake you made was trying to reason with them.
Yo quiero decir, usted no puede razonar con un robot.
I mean, you can't reason with a robot.
Vamos, tenemos que tratar de razonar con él.
Come on, we have to try and reason with him.
¿Eres capaz de escuchar y leer y razonar y pensar?
Are you able to listen and read and reason and think?
Me cansé de razonar con ella durante dos años.
I've tired to reason with her for two years.
Bueno, si no puedes razonar con ellos, amarrátelos abajo.
Well, if you can't reason with them, then strap them down.
Si hay alguna confrontación, podrás razonar con él.
If there's any confrontation, you'll be able to reason with him.
Traté de razonar con éI, pero simplemente se alejó.
I tried to reason with him, but he just walked away.
Si usted ve un Simpson, no trate de razonar con él.
If you see a Simpson, do not try to reason with it.
Causa a la mente de pensar y razonar lógicamente.
It causes the mind to think and reason logically.
Intenté razonar con mi padre, pero no me escuchó.
I tried to reason with my father, but he wouldn't listen.
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