The word posaba is the imperfect form of posar in the first person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Su hija posaba a menudo para él.
The daughter often modelled for him.
Si una mariposa se posaba en su rostro, quizá lo aplastaba.
It seemed a butterfly might land on its face and crush it.
Ella posaba para un cuadro.
She was the model for a painting.
Entonces vi cómo posaba en mí su mirada.
Then I noticed that she was staring at me.
Que ella posaba por dinero.
That she posed for money.
Quizá él ha visto cómo se posaba.
Maybe he saw something land.
Muy a menudo el mundo posaba su atención en la impropiedad de su vida juntos.
Every so often, a disapproving world would draw attention to the unsuitability of their life together.
Yo no quería tener nada que ver con eso. Pero dijo que si yo no posaba para esas fotografías,
I didn't want to have anything to do with it, but he said if I didn't pose for those patty-cake pictures,
Ahora, la responsabilidad que posaba sobre sus hombros era inmensa y por eso cuando supo que había dado la bendición a la persona que él al principio pensaba que no tenía que haberla recibido, tuvo un temblor espantoso.
Now, the responsibility that he held on his shoulders was such that when he found out that he had blessed the person he thought at the beginning to be the wrong one, he had a terrible tremor.
Extraño a mi perico. Todas las mañanas se posaba en mi hombro.
I miss my parakeet. Every morning, she sat on my shoulder.
No se llama Naomi Campbell, pero seguramente quisiera serlo. Posaba tan seria, tal vez pensando que algún día llegaría a ser la reina de la isla.
Her name is not Naomi Campbell, but I trust she would like it to be. She posed with such seriousness, thinking perhaps that some day she would become the queen of this island.
Entonces vi cómo posaba en mí su mirada.
I noticed that she was staring at me.
Una zumaya se posaba en una rama frente a mi ventana todas las noches.
Every night, a tawny owl perched on a branch outside my window.
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