-I catch
The word pille is the present subjunctive form of pillar in the first person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
See the full pillar conjugation


No creo que ella tampoco pille tu sentido del humor.
I don't think she gets your sense of humor either.
Que no te pille otra vez bebiendo en esta casa.
Don't let me catch you drinking in this house again.
No quiero que uno de esos megazombis me pille.
I don't want one of those blasters to get me.
No creo que ella tampoco pille tu sentido del humor.
I don't think she gets your sense of humor either.
Espera que Lo pille atado a un árbol.
Just wait till I catch him tied to a tree.
Que no te pille el lado equivocado de la ley.
Don't let me catch you on the wrong side of the law.
Porque no quiero que me pille mientras no fisgoneo.
Because I don't want him to catch me not snooping.
Vale, pero no dejes que Sheila te pille.
Okay, but don't let Sheila catch you.
Tal vez esto a algunos no os pille de sorpresa.
Maybe this isn't a shock to some of you.
¿Y qué pasa cuando el mundo os pille?
What happens when the world catches up to you?
No dejes que te pille nunca haciendo trampas a las cartas.
Don't ever let her catch you cheating at cards.
Tienes que ir deprisa para que el diablo no te pille.
You have to run fast so the devil can't catch up.
No creo que Evan pille qué es lo que estamos haciendo aquí.
I don't think Evan gets what we're doing here.
No dejes que el profesor te pille sola.
Don't let the professor get you alone.
Ni siquiera sabrá que estoy allí hasta que le pille.
Won't even know I'm there till I bust him.
No sé lo que quiere... aparte de que me pille un autobús.
I don't know what she wants... apart from me under a bus.
Lo pille en la calle y no me puedo quejar.
I brought it in off the streets, and I can't complain.
Le pille robando dinero de tu monedero.
I caught him stealing money from your purse.
Pero no dejes que os pille liándoos encima de la mesa.
Just don't let me catch you guys making out on the table.
Ten cuidado con que no te pille una joven sin dinero, John.
Take care you don't get caught by a penniless girl, John.
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