Possible Results:
Futureél/ella/ustedconjugation ofpillar.
-I caught
Imperfect subjunctiveyoconjugation ofpillar.
Imperfect subjunctiveél/ella/ustedconjugation ofpillar.


Haga sus deberes y no le pillará por sorpresa.
Do your homework and you won't be caught off guard.
Pero no te preocupes, me pillará algún día.
But don't worry, it'll catch up to me one day.
Sí, pero alguno probablemente te pillará y te meterá en la cárcel.
Yes, but one will probably grab and throw you in jail.
¿Estás seguro que la policía no me pillará?
Are you sure the police won't find me?
Solamente déme un par de horas más con ella y ella pillará.
Just give me a couple more hours with her and she'll cop.
La gente lo pillará, es lo que tiene Chitter.
People get the sense of it, that's the thing about Chitter.
La policía te pillará tarde o temprano.
The police are going to catch you sooner or later.
Va a llover y pillará un resfriado.
It's going to rain and she'll catch cold.
Por otro lado, a nuestra querida Comisión Europea le pillará desprevenida.
Otherwise, our dear European Commission will be caught with its pants down.
Este tío lo pilla; este lo pillará luego.
This guy gets it; this guy'll get it later.
Si uno se estropea, no me pillará desprevenida, ¿verdad?
If one goes wrong, I won't be caught short, will I?
A ti te pillará vestida de baile.
They're going to catch you all dressed up for the dance.
Le pillará el jardinero. No llegará, le pillarán antes.
He will be caught by the gardener, he won't make it.
Sí, y alguno te pillará.
Yeah, and one of them's gonna catch you.
La policía os pillará a todos.
The police will catch you all.
Pero no te preocupes, me pillará algún día.
Herbs and spells. But don't worry, it'll catch up to me one day.
El problema es que esta vez a la clase dominante no la pillará desprevenida.
The problem is that this time the ruling class will not be caught unawares.
Pero si es contagioso, Henry lo pillará.
I'm sure if it's contagious, he'll catch it.
Lo pillará de camino a casa.
He will get that on the drive home.
Nadie me pillará al volante de uno.
I would not be comfortable driving around in one.
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