Possible Results:
-I would fight
Conditionalyoconjugation ofpelear.
Conditionalél/ella/ustedconjugation ofpelear.


Un montón de gente pelearía por un trabajo como este.
A lot of people would fight for a job like this.
¿No piensas que pelearía igual de duro por ti?
You don't think I would fight as hard for you?
Si por dinero fuera, yo le pagaría, no pelearía con ella.
If it were money, I'd pay, not fight with her.
Si me cortaran por la mitad, no pelearía con mis piernas.
If you cut me in half, I wouldn't fight with my legs.
Si no fuera mi hija, probablemente no pelearía por ello.
If she weren't my daughter, I wouldn't be fighting for this.
¿No pelearía con uñas y dientes para recuperarla?
Wouldn't you fight tooth and nail to get them back?
No pelearía con ustedes, pero es que Millie va.
I wouldn't be fighting you. It's just that millie is going.
No pelearía con vosotros, pero es que Millie va.
I wouldn't be fighting you. It's just that millie is going.
Si no hubiera sido actor, pelearía igual que tú.
If I hadn't become an actor, I would've fought like you.
No pelearía con él si fuera usted.
I wouldn't fight with him if I were you.
Oiga, nunca me pelearía con ella.
Look, I would never get in a fight with her.
Se suponía que pelearía con Hector Mantilla, pero nunca se llevó a cabo.
He was supposed to fight Hector Mantilla, but it never came off.
¿Por qué pelearía yo con la chica?
Why would I fight with the girl?
Sabía que él pelearía conmigo a causa de eso.
I knew he'd fight me on this.
Y yo no lo pelearía, Will.
And I wouldn't fight it, Will.
Ella pelearía por su vida.
She would've fought for her life.
Amiga, si tuviera unos cuantos días, pelearía con uñas y dientes.
Partner, if I had a few days, I'd fight this tooth and nail.
De esta forma, yo pelearía con los demonios, enfocándome en mejorar mi defensa.
In this fashion, I would engage the demons, focusing on honing my defense.
Claro que pelearía por ti.
Of course I would fight for you.
Le dije a mi maestro que nunca pelearía.
I promised my master I'd never fight.
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