The word pediste is the preterite form of pedir in the second person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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¿Donde esta la magia en conseguir exactamente lo que pediste?
Where's the magic in getting exactly what you asked for?
Me pediste que te perdonara la vida por el dinero.
You asked me to spare your life for the money.
Me pediste que lo trajera a bordo, y está hecho.
You asked me to bring him on board, it's done.
Me pediste mi bendición, pero mi respuesta es no.
You asked for my blessing, but my answer is no.
Aquí está la primera serie de documentos que pediste.
Here are the first set of documents you asked for.
Solo en tu clase de criminología, cuando me lo pediste.
Only in your criminology class when you asked me to.
O peor, el amor es algo que nunca pediste.
Or even worse, love is something you've never asked for.
¿Recuerdas cuando me pediste salir, y yo dije que no?
Remember when you asked me out, and I said no?
Tío, tú me pediste que viniera aquí y vendiera drogas.
Dude, you asked me to come out here and sell drugs.
Yo solo estaba tratando de explicar lo que me pediste.
I was just trying to explain what you asked me.
Me pediste que lo trajera a bordo, está hecho.
You asked me to bring him on board, it's done.
Señora, la pintura que pediste estará disponible el próximo mes.
Ma'am the painting you asked for will be available next month.
Me pediste que toque el violín frente a la gente.
You asked me to play the violin in front of people.
Hace dos años, le pediste a mi padre mi mano.
Two years ago, you asked my father my hand.
Me pediste que te dijera si ella necesitaba algo.
You asked me to tell you if she needed anything.
¿Por qué no me pediste que viniera el año pasado?
Why didn't you ask me to come last year?
Escucha, si necesitabas dinero, ¿por qué no me lo pediste?
Listen, if you needed money, why didn't you just ask?
Me pediste que te llevara a la cárcel, Jenny.
You asked me to take you to the prison, Jenny.
¿Mi padre te dio el dinero que le pediste?
Did my father give you the money you asked for?
Nos pediste que firmáramos un cliente y lo hicimos.
You asked us to sign a client, and we did.
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